See Tea Branding

MFA Studio Practice in MCAD, 2019

This is a project in my second semester and focuses on branding. This brand named See Tea which is created by me. The brand content is about tea, especially tea of 

Oriental culture. I choose this brand because of my preference for tea and the history of tea culture in my hometown. I put Asian culture (Zen culture, wabi-sabi culture) into this brand. (The features of wabi-sabi include asymmetry, roughness or irregularity, simplicity, economy, modesty, intimacy and the display of the integrity of nature). Through the discussion between my tutor and myself, I want to create a comfortable brand environment. To let people come to tea shop and have a kind of relaxed feeling. See Tea brand slogan is, "Tomorrow is another day."My design uses seven elements (daily different) to convey this concept. The main part of the brand content is the study of logos and the use of derivatives.