My Youth I Call the Shot 

Gold Award of Graphic Advertisement,

13th Annual China Advertising Festival Academy Students Award,

Beijing, China, 2015

This design shows off how young people seek adventure and novelty in their everyday lives. Young people will achieve their ideal lifestyle without being limited by stale traditions. They are brave and willing enough to chase their dreams. I tried to display this way of living with funky and quirky expressions and poses. These facial expressions convey the idea that young people like to live without limits and they try hard to break the traditional mold. The theme of this poster was ‘My Youth I Call the Shot’. The goal of this poster was to promote Mengniu Dairy. By conveying these feelings that so many young people are experiencing, I was hoping that young people would connect thoughts of being young with Mengniu Dairy. The goal of this poster is to promote Mengniu Dairy and it's hoped that young people would enjoy Mengniu products.